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Patrick Henry Apartments
Newport News, VA.

T112-0672 A.B.Chance Lighting Foundation
6.63-in. pipe, 48-in. long, capped with 12-in. square stell plate with 8-14" diameter bolt circle where pole base is mounted

Installation of 158 site lights. Chance luminaire foundations, specificaly designed for above-grade and on-grade mounting. Required no concrete and no advanced site preparation. Chance has perfected the pre-engineered lighting systems to assure "one-trip" convenience.

No concrete required
No advance site preparation
Ideal for areas with limited access
Installs with available equipment, vehicles
Clean - no spoils and no excavation removal.

ab chance helical products and foundations

Instant Foundation® System for Lighting Applications:
The variability of soil conditions on your project site, plus the varied nature of loading on structures and how these loads are transferred through foundation elements requires our consulting team and/or your installing contractor to design the appropriate Factor of Safety [FS] for your application. Call us today and let our consulting team who are knowledgeable with national and local building code regulations, help you determine the lighting foundation applications for your project.

airport ligting lighting foundations• Download Example Project Application Brochure

The typical uses and applications are foundations for equipment pads, foundaton supports for signs, supports for light standards and decroative light poles in use for parking areas, campuses, malls, park & recreational areas, and street lighting.

Decorative and Architectural Lighting Foundations:
Pole Mounting capabilities and direct bolt-up an wiring provide an instant foundation for decroative and architectural lighting.

• No Concrete
• No hole digging
• Immediate pole mounting
• Direct bolt-up and wiring
• Installation by backhoe or skid steer
• Install before landscaping
• Install through asphalt

• Download PDF: Application Brochure

DOT & Utility Lighting Foundations:

Non-Extendable or extendable foundations, power installed, versatile and economical foundation anchors supporting the tension, compression and shear. Power-installed foundation anchors have been proved in thousands of installations throughout the world. Chance engineers have installed, tested and retrieved countless foundation anchors to confirm performance and durability. The amount of torsional force required to install a foundation anchor relates to its installed ultimate capacity. This means that holding strengths are predictable in most soils by choosing a foundation anchor based on soil data and by measuring torque during installation. Installed directly into the earth with the foundation displacing soil outwardly, compacting the soil around the shaft. This improves the soil shear strength and its overturning resistance.

• No Concrete
• No excavation or spoils removal
• Reusable
• No expensive anchor bolts
• Install through asphalt
• Install with a digger-derrick using kelly bar adapter

• Download PDF: Application Brochure

Area Lighting Foundations:
Specifically designed for above-grade and on-grade mounting of parking-area/site lighting standards. Non-extendable foundation anchors have high strength pipe shafts to resist bending moments and substantial installing-torque ratings. Installed by hydraulic rotary equipment mounted on common construction vehicles. Precut cableway located in the pipeshaft. Based on more than 100 years of earth-anchor research and developement by ISO 9001-certified manufacturer A.B.Chance.

• Installed in most soils and through asphalt
• Resists all loads: Wind, compression, & uplift
• Reusable
• Performance meets or exceeds concrete foundations
• Install through asphalt
• Install with a digger-derrick using kelly bar adapter

• Download PDF: Application Brochure

Airport Lighting Foundation Applications:
The preferred system by many organizations for meeting critical signal transmitter or reciver foundations is the A.B. Chance Instant Foundation® System screw anchors. Requirements for deep soil, below frost heave and expansive soil can all be met with the Instant Foundation® System. Use this application for any landing and navigatonal control systems [PAPI & NAVID].

• Economical
• Readily available
• Predictable & measurable capacity during installation

Applicable For:
• Railroad Signal Boxes
• Emergency Call Boxes
• Wind Generators
• Satellite Receivers & Solar Panels

• Download PDF: Application Brochure